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Every oil and gas company looks at production data. How is production changing over time? Are we going to meet or exceed our forecast? Why is production less than expected? How are our best wells performing? What's our uptime? When I was a Production Engineer at a large E&P company, I was constantly asked questions like these. The answers are in your data - this course will help you display your data in a way to quickly answer them.

Course Description

By taking this course, you'll learn introductory and intermediate features of Spotfire while creating a set of visualizations relevant to any upstream E&P company. We cover features such as loading data from Excel and SQL Server, combining data tables, configuring Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Combination Charts. You'll learn how to use interactive features like Marking and Filtering. Check out the detailed curriculum below for a full list of topics.

This course has been designed to be interactive. We start with a new Spotfire file and a few excel spreadsheets. The videos throughout the course will demonstrate how to use the software while you follow along on your computer. All of the required oil & gas data tables will be provided to you, so you'll work with the exact same data shown in the videos. 

If you're ready to create beautiful, interactive visualizations that will impress your boss and colleagues, stop wasting time building charts in Excel, take this course, and learn how to use the powerful features of TIBCO Spotfire so you can spend more time analyzing the data, and less time manipulating it.


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Course Intro & Starting Files

  • Course Overview FREE PREVIEW
  • Spotfire Template - Ending File
  • Training Data

Module 1: Load Data into Spotfire


  • 1.1 Add data from Excel FREE PREVIEW
  • 1.2 Apply Unpivot data transformation
  • 1.3 Add data from SQL Server
  • 1.4 Join tables with Insert Columns feature
  • 1.5 Combine multiple data tables
  • 1.6 Insert a calculated column via Transformations

Module 2: Build Production History & Forecast Charts


  • 2.1 Rename pages & columns, delete pages
  • 2.2 Insert & configure Line Chart
  • 2.3 Data interaction with Filters
  • 2.4 Drill down with Trellis Charts

Module 3: Build Current Year Summary Chart


  • 3.1 Insert & configure a Combination Chart
  • 3.2 Limit data with an expression
  • 3.3 Visual considerations for Combination Charts
  • 3.4 Insert & configure a Bar Chart
  • 3.5 Configure Y Axis with a Custom Expression
  • 3.6 Using the Substitute Nulls function
  • 3.7 Color Bar Charts with a gradient
  • 3.8 Organize the Filter Panel & link filters between tables

Module 4: Build Year-to-Date Summary Charts


  • 4.1 Configure a Bar Chart with categorical values
  • 4.2 Build an over/under variance chart
  • 4.3 Insert a Calculated Column
  • 4.4 Copy the Filter Panel organization to other pages
  • 4.5 Format values via Column Properties


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About Your Instructor

Kyle LaMotta

Kyle LaMotta

Spotfire Pro

Kyle LaMotta has 9 years of oil & gas engineering experience, including 7 years with a large oil and gas company and 2 years starting and running his own business. He specializes in industry-specific Spotfire training and consulting. Kyle has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.


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I use this all the time!
Reservoir Engineer
A good overview of Spotfire as applied to the Oil Field production data.
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The training will allow me to enhance my current projects and provide a better product.
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